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Laser PVC sheet



1.      Printing method: Laser Printing

2.      Suitable printer: Konica, MGI/Meteor, Xerox Igen, etc.

3.      Main Characteristics:

l   Excellent printing result

l   Printed artwork can well stay on the PVC sheet

l   Printed PVC sheet can be well stick with the overlay

l   No crack will occur during lamination

l   Good printing stability

l   Peel strength: 4.5N/cm (240h’s aging test unders 75, 95%RH)

4.      Specification

Size can be made as per clients’ requirement

Thickness: 0.2-0.3mm

5.      Storage:

Sealed, moisture-proof

In-house temperature under 40

One year

Please keep the sheet horizontally

Please avoid direct sunshine


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