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Digital Press PVC sheet



Our digital press PVC sheet can be beautifully printed by HP Indigo digital press.  We do not use Topaz, it can be directly printed by HP Indigo digital press with an excellent and vivid printing result


l   Printing method: Digital Press (Digital printing/Electronic Ink)


l   Main characteristics:

1.        Suitable for HP Indigo Press.

2.        Clear and vivid printing result, more suitable for four color press like S2000, 5600, 7600, etc.

3.        Ink can well stay on the PVC sheet and can be well stick with the overlay film.

4.        Printed artwork will not produce cracks during the lamination.

5.        Stable printing characters.

6.        Superior aging resistance performance

Peel strength  4.5N/cm after 240h’s aging test (75, 95%RH).


l   Specification

Size can be made as per clients’ requirement

Thickness 0.18, 0.30mm or as per requirement


l   Package: Poly-bag and carton


l   Storage:

Sealed,moisture-proof, avoid direct sunshine

One year storage

Please put the sheets in a flat place without direct sunshine

Please seal the bag after you take the sheets out.


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